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Mental Health Florida

Welcome to Mental Health Florida


This website is brought to you by the Florida Psychological Association.  We created this site to provide you with important information about health and resources.  Remember, you are not alone.  If you need help, talk to a licensed psychologist.  Click here to find someone in your area.  Help is around the corner.

The Florida Psychological Association knows in a time of crisis that there are numerous people available to help immediately, such as the Red Cross and other community mental health responders.  Many of our members reached out immediately and offered pro bono services.

We highly recommend these resources in a time of tragedy such as this.  As the days, weeks and months move on from the incidents, and the grief comes to the surface, credentialed psychologists’ names are available on our website to deal with the longer term needs of helping those affected in any way to heal from the trauma. 

In the long run, we are also experiencing continuing unfortunate events around the country. While a well-trained therapist can help us get through the trauma and grief, it is important to note that psychologists are also available to help build the important skill of coping and/or resilience, the ability to bounce back from tragedy to minimize the disruption in our lives, and strengthen us for life's future challenges.  Resources and education on building resilience are available from the American Psychological Association and the Florida Psychological Association on their websites.  A highly trained psychologist can help you learn to build the skill of resilience so you are prepared.  Contact a psychologist today.